9780956074027A Journey through France

in the company of Dickens,
Thackeray, Twain, and
other travellers

Compiled by Martyn Wade
in collaboration with Catriona Oliphant

Readers: Jilly Bond, Bertie Carvel,
Gunnar Cauthery, Jonathan Keeble,
Peter Marinker, and Patience Tomlinson

Executive Producer: Catriona Oliphant
Producer: Roy McMillan

Sound design by Steve Bond

A Journey through France – Fashion and manners (Lady Blessington / Jilly Bond) & Getting foreignised (Mark Twain / Gunnar Cauthery)

‘Nous voilà!  We are at Paris!  The diligence has been travelling with extraordinary speed.  The postilion cracks his terrible whip, and screams shrilly.  The conductor blows incessantly on his horn; the bells of the harness, the bumping and ringing of the wheels and chains, and the clatter of the great hoofs of the heavy snorting Norman stallions, have wondrously increased within this, the last ten minutes; and the diligence dashes gallantly forward.  What a capital coach!  We will ride henceforth in it, and in no other!’
Thackeray – The Paris Sketchbook

Join our travellers on their journey through France.  Empathise with them as they struggle to acclimatise to continental living: the garlic-laden cuisine, the absence of soap, and the lack of gas to read by.  Chuckle over their encounters with their fellow tourists: the solitary, silent Englishman and the travel bore.

Admire their intrepid forays into the streets of the capital, where one is in danger of being run over every instant.  Despair at the despotic dictates of Parisian fashion, where nothing less than the chapeau de dernier goût will do.  Marvel at the peerless Maison Carrée in Nîmes – which copied in miniature, would make an exquisite table ornament.  Be dazzled by the great mirrored Casino in Marseilles before entering the lofty, snow-capped kingdom of the Alps en route to Italy.

The Travellers

Marguerite, Countess of Blessington  (Jilly Bond)
Charles Dickens  (Bertie Carvel)
William Hazlitt  (Jonathan Keeble)
Henry James  (Peter Marinker)
Tobias Smollett  (Peter Marinker)
William Makepeace Thackeray  (Gunnar Cauthery)
Frances Trollope  (Patience Tomlinson)
Mark Twain  (Gunnar Cauthery)

Companion CD: A Journey through Italy


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  1. In the bitter cold of late December 2010 we drove through France to Chamonix accompanied by the delicious and delightful meanderings of Smollett, James, Dickens and others. It was such fun to listen to hear them pause in the Customs shed at Calais, tear through the streets of Paris, wander around Bordeaux and finally, as we in our 21st century carriage drove towards Mont Blanc, listen to the gasping wonder and terror of the early visitors to the Alps. A life-enhancing experience. Listen to these two CDs and recommend them to your friends.

    Comment by Julie Summers on 26 January 2011 at 3:25 pm

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