9780956074034A Journey through Italy

in the company of Dickens, Hazlitt,
Twain, and other travellers

Compiled by Martyn Wade
in collaboration with Catriona Oliphant

Readers: Rachel Bavidge, Jilly Bond,
Bertie Carvel, Gunnar Cauthery,
Jonathan Keeble, and Peter Marinker

Executive producer: Catriona Oliphant
Producer: Roy McMillan

Sound design by Steve Bond

A Journey through Italy – The Italian way of life (Hester Piozzi / Rachel Bavidge) & Lodging in Bologna (Dickens / Bertie Carvel)

‘Italy is the country to which a person borne down by care, or overworked by business, should resort.  Its climate will serve as an anodyne to induce the required repose; and the happy faces that on every side present themselves will dispose to cheerfulness.’
Marguerite, Countess of Blessington – The Idler in Italy

Explore Italy with our travellers: proud Genoa, crowded with ships and vying with Rome in ecclesiastical splendour; Venice, where the gondolieri sing Tasso and Ariosto; Florence, the treasure-city, radiant in the October sunshine; Rome with its imposing ruins and grand monuments.  Travel back in time as you contemplate the silent streets of Pompeii in the shadow of fiery Vesuvius and the solitary countryman with his donkey ploughing the ancient land around Taranto.

Experience the tribulations of foreign travel: the caterwauling gondolier, the absence of post, and the lack of soap.  Marvel at the Venetian rage for coffee and the Italian penchant for small birds of all sorts, considered the most agreeable dainties.  Meet the waiter with a mania for Byron, the Italian with a high regard for English cleanliness, and the wistful cicerone in his faded suit and little pinched hat.

The Travellers

Marguerite, Countess of Blessington  (Jilly Bond)
Charles Dickens  (Bertie Carvel)
George Gissing  (Jonathan Keeble)
William Hazlitt  (Jonathan Keeble)
Henry James  (Peter Marinker)
Hester Piozzi  (Rachel Bavidge)
John Ruskin  (Bertie Carvel)
Tobias Smollett  (Peter Marinker)
Mark Twain  (Gunnar Cauthery)

Companion CD: A Journey through France

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  1. I absolutely adore both these travel CDs. They breathe life into history, they shed light on corners of familiar and unfamiliar cities alike and they offer the most tantalising view into a forgotten world of travel without planes and cars, where the senses were enchanted and assaulted in equal measure. But most of all they give a glimpse of the travellers’ quirks and personalities. I highly recommend both, whether you are a veteran of Italian cities or new to the joys of that magical country.

    Comment by Julie Summers on 26 January 2011 at 3:20 pm

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