Chrome360 | Oct 2017 | Brexit – The Irish Question

This month we are in Belfast to consider the implications of Brexit for Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, and the United Kingdom.

At the EU summit on 19-20 October, the EU27 called for more progress on the so-called separation issues – the Brexit bill, the rights of EU citizens, and the Northern Irish border – and postponed the decision as to whether the parties can move to trade talks until the next EU summit in December.

However, prior to the summit, the EU27 acknowledged that there had been progress on issues affecting the island of Ireland.  Both the EU and the UK agree that the challenges raised by Brexit for Ireland – Northern Ireland and the Republic – are unique and will require a bespoke solution.

ChromeRadio production in partnership with Queen’s University, Belfast.  For more on Brexit, see Queen’s on Brexit and BrexitLawNI.

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