WW1 Centenary | America fights for peace

We are delighted to release our new 5-part podcast drama, Enter the Peace Broker by Martyn Wade, with introductions by Professor Sir Hew Strachan.  Our grateful thanks to the Rothermere Foundation for making the podcast possible, to the Daily Mail and the Mail Online for publicising it and to PastPorte for helping with the distribution.

A tale of duplicity and diplomatic intrigue, Enter the Peace Broker brings alive events leading up to US entry into WW1 on 6 April 1917 when the peacemaker President, Woodrow Wilson, finally turned belligerent.

During WW1, Lord Northcliffe’s Daily Mail with its extensive network of foreign correspondents played a crucial role in keeping the public informed.  Northcliffe was known for his particularly close ties with the US and in 1917 headed up the British Mission there, succeeding the Foreign Secretary, Arthur Balfour.  His role: to impress upon the US Britain’s urgent need for troops, materiel and supplies.  100 years on, it is fitting that it should be Northcliffe’s Daily Mail that reminds us of the crucial role played by America in WW1.  The Chief would have been proud!

Listen on iTunes or click the ‘play’ button below for audioBoom.  We hope you enjoy it!


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