Stranger in the House

Women’s stories of men returning
from the Second World War

By Julie Summers

Read by Lesley Manville
Abridged by Neville Teller

With contributions from the author, Mollie Lodder, Amy Clifford,
Carol Cooper and Stephanie Hess

Stranger in the House by Julie Summers – Mollie Lodder remembers

A Daily Telegraph audiobook of the year 2009

‘The quavery voices of old soldiers have made powerful oral histories. Those of their wives, widows and daughters are less seldom heard . . . Strong and lucid, they sound like women who coped, first with absence, then with the troubled presence of a demobbed soldier or returning prisoner of war. . . Their stories are unexpectedly touching.’
Carole Mansur, The Daily Telegraph

‘. . . honest, disturbing and revealing real-life accounts . . . Give it to Granny, she’ll love it.’
Sue Arnold, The Guardian

‘These accounts of men returning home after WW2 are immeasurably poignant, enhanced by the real voices of those whose lives were shaped by the effects of these returning ‘strangers’. . . A wonderful and deeply moving tribute.’
Rachel Redford, The Oldie

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